Our .3GP sunglasses camera's are specially made for long recording with the adjusted software. The sunglasses camera film in a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and store the video in .3gp format. More then 20 hours can be filmed on the build-in 8 GB flash memory.

.3GP format vs other video formats:
The .3gp video format is specially made for mobile phone aplications. The benefit of .3gp video format is that the image on the video is the same size as in real live. Some HD camera's tweek the image to enhance the video quality as with .3GP you see it at it is.

Ultra long recording time:
The software that we specially wrote for the .3gp sunglasses camera is a lot different then the standard software. As the standard software stops with recording after 1,5 hour even if the memory is not full and the battery is replacesd by a bigger version, the updated version we offer does noet have this problem. It will save the video in a file every hour, but will always start recording after again. Because of the big memory of 8 GB the recording time is between minimum 20 hours and maximum 60 hours depending on light conditions and motion.

Module of .3GP camera:
The .3gp video module that is used in the sunglasses can easily be taken out and used for otehr applications or custom builds. The .3GP module is the camera module with the least height of all the camera module and because its that flat it can be hidden almost everywhere.

Buy the 3.gp camera module now:
The .3GP sunglasses camera can be ordered online at our website. We do International shipments also. Its also possible to buy them in outr local stores in Nieuwegein or Rotterdam. Check out the products page now: .3GP camera module